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How SEO Transformed Marham's Online Visibility and Revenue Growth is the most trusted platform in Pakistan for finding doctors, booking appointments, or consulting online with top specialist doctors. However, the website experienced a significant drop in traffic and rankings due to a Google Core Update. reached out to our SEO agency for help to recover and achieve higher traffic and rankings.

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The main challenge for Marham was to recover from the impact of the Google Core Update, which affected the website's rankings and traffic. Additionally, Marham needed to optimize its content and target the right keywords to increase visibility and attract more traffic.


Our SEO agency implemented a multi-step strategy to help recover and improve its visibility and traffic. First, we used SEMrush to completely audit the Marham website and identify all the issues that needed to be addressed to improve rankings and traffic. We improved all the content to make it more engaging, informative, and optimized for search engines. We targeted the keywords Marham needed to rank for and optimized the content using semantic SEO techniques to ensure it was structured correctly and contained the right keywords and phrases. traffic

As a result of our efforts, achieved a 110-120% increase in traffic. The website's rankings and visibility improved significantly, helping attract more visitors and generate more leads. recovered from the impact of the Google Core Update and established itself as the leading platform for finding doctors and booking appointments in Pakistan.